Automate data extraction from manifests and BOLs

Automate document-related back-office tasks and spend time growing your business instead.

Real-time data extraction powered by AI

Knowstory enables you to extract and load data from shipping manifests, bills of lading, packing lists, and other essential logistics paperwork. With our comprehensive integrations, you can sync the data to your TMS and run no-code automation workflows on the extracted data.

What do you get?

Streamlined Operations

Automate the extraction of critical data from shipping documents, reducing manual entry and potential errors.

Quick Turnaround

Speed up the processing of shipments by instantly extracting and verifying document details.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce overhead costs associated with manual document handling and data discrepancies


Seamlessly integrate with your existing TMS or WMS. Run no-code automations and keep your SOR up to date.

Empower your logistics business with best-in-class data extraction

We solved data extraction so you can solve problems.

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